Fall 2021

Great Doctor Miss Nine

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing Mysterious Doctor Nine Miss

Adapted from Dou Miaomiao’s novel “The Evil Emperor’s Entrapment: The Magic Doctor Nine Young Miss”, the animation tells the story of the modern glamorous magical doctor Jun Jiu accidentally fell to his death in an elixir auction, and traveled to the body of an ancient waste material Nine Miss. This Nine Miss was originally a daughter of the Jun family in one of the two imperial families. Because of the death of her parents, she was transferred to the Jun family branch in Fengluo City. Death. Jun Jiu inherited all the memories of Miss Jiu and vowed to be ashamed. Reluctantly, this Miss Nine is a waste wood that can’t get into the body with spiritual energy. In this world of cultivating immortals that advocates force, after passing through, she first washes her muscles and improves her cultivation talent through her shocking medical skills, and then builds good relationships. , Pave the road carefully. Let’s see how Jun Jiu cut her enemies, separated her family in blood, and began her legendary story of a beautiful daughter of the day. In the process of revenge, Jun Jiu met Mo Wuyue by mistake, and this man was a unique existence in Jun Jiu’s heart. He was cold, evil, powerful, domineering, and talented. Everyone knows Jun Jiu’s dead body, only Mo Wuyue’s wise eyes and beads, secretly protects himself behind Jun Jiu, and serves as her strongest shield. In addition, Jun Jiu also made friends with Yunqiao, Gu Song, Jun Xiaolei and other friends. With the blessing of friendship, Jun Jiu stepped into the camp, and gradually took control of the monarch’s power, cutting the chaos, the criminals, and the treacherous villains. In order to avoid the great humiliation of being retired by the prince, she retired the prince at the birthday banquet of the family leader of the imperial family, which caused a sensation. Later, he went to participate in the selection of disciples from the Tianzong Academy, the highest training college of the Tianzong Kingdom, and became famous in the selection trial. This film belongs to the heroine of the fantasy adventure category, and the adventure stories full of passion and blood make this film unique. The heroine Jun Jiu relies on her superb medical skills to save the dead and heal the wounded, and cultivates hard in a world where flesh eats hard. She is brave, intelligent, firm, and cunning, no matter how cruel enemies she faces, she won’t frown. As the so-called “poor and strong, not falling into the blue sky”, she used her bravery and hard work to create miracles one after another on the road of cultivation. She treats others generously but not the Virgin, she is never merciful to the wicked, and she can go to the dangers alone with her friends. This is not just a story about the adventure of rebirth. It is different from other chaotic and murderous fantasy stories in that it shows us a fantasy world full of flesh and blood, full of good intentions.

The Legend Of Sword Domain

Ruo Hong Culture
40 episodes · ONA Ongoing The Legend Of Sword Domain , 剑域风云 , jian yu feng yun

In the ancient sword domain continent, there are ten Excalibur and five families. One of the five families, Lu Yang, a descendant of the Lu family, in a crisis to escape from the pursuit of the moment of awakening the sacred sword “Peach God sword”, to avoid the pursuit. He kept a low profile, practiced hard, avenged his mother, explored the truth, in the various big clans between the forces of the struggle mediation, and finally dominate the world! Ten swords, ask the sword domain continent. “The Legend Of Sword Domain”